Current Date:August 10, 2020

About Me

About Me

Mr. Divine Kpe

Divine Komla Kpe is a multi-award winning Educator, Education Advocate & Writer.
He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in IT Education from VVU and D.B.E from St. Francis College of Education. Since 2013, he actively engages in a series of activities toward promoting education across the country. These include mentoring programs in schools, community sensitizations, education policy analysis, advocacy for quality education through article publications, and media interviews.

His school mentoring program has seen him to over 80 basic and secondary schools, mentoring close to 20,000 students.
He is also an alumnus of Africa ChangeMakers Fellowship and as well serves as a volunteer teacher for students at Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya (via Skype).

Divine has received several recognitions for his commitments toward improving education in Ghana. These include; appointment as TeachSDGs Ambassador (2019) by the TeachSDGs Organization (an international organization aligned with the United Nations to serve the SDGs through education), 2018 EDUCOM Award for Digital Innovative Teacher, 2018 Bayport Teacher Innovation Award, 2018 The Future Award Africa for Education, 2017 EDUCOM Award for Education Support Worker, 2017 EDUCOM Award for Inspirational Teacher and 2015 Africa Youth Award for Grassroots Development.

He has four books to his credit (one as a co-author).