Current Date:September 30, 2020

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Invest in your professional dev’t after college – Divine to teacher trainees.


Mr. Divine Kpe has challenged teacher trainees to become teachers who are on top of developments in their industry and take lead roles in proposing solutions to challenges that the education sector is encountering.

Speaking at Akatsi College of Education at a workshop organised by the Volta Sector of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG Volta) for some selected teacher trainees from the seven colleges of education in the Volta Region as part of their TTAG Week Celebration, he noted that the face of teaching has changed and teachers must be abreast with current developments in their industry in terms of policies, regulations and teaching ideas in order to give out the best to their students.

“Knowledge is increasing at a fast space and what you learned in college may become obsolete after completion. It is, therefore, important to invest in your professional development even after college. You shouldn’t be content with just acquiring the teaching certificate, but try to be one of the best in your profession. Research into issues affecting the sector and teaching and learning, identify challenges affecting teaching and learning in your school and come out with possible interventions to address them,” he noted.

Mr. Kpe also pointed the need for the trainees to acquaint themselves with the Sustainable Development Goals and tailor their teaching toward ensuring that their students own these Goals and can take actions in their own ways toward achieving the Goals. 

“That is how we can develop students that are conscious of the challenges the world faces and become critical thinkers in offering solutions.”

He recalled his days in TTAG as the Public Relation Manager in 2013 and the Administrator in 2014. He advised the leadership to ensure their programs and activities go to equip the trainees to be the best they can be for the country.


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