Current Date:August 10, 2020

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Divine Kpe launches two more books

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Divine has over the weekend launched two more inspirational books; “The Will To Win” and “Cast Down But Not Destroyed”.

In an interview with Ms. Rita Siaw, Director of Feminine Start Africa, the author noted, “Success begins with a person’s willing to win. That willingness inspires incredible ideas in the person’s mind and energizes the individual to put in motion those ideas. It is that same passion and the will to make things happen that lets the individual to stay resilient in times of adversities.”

Divine signing autograph at the book launch

On the other book, Cast Down But Not Destroyed, Divine noted that he was inspired to put the words in the book down during a very challenging moment in his life. He indicated all that kept him going was II Corinthian 4:2, “…persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down but not destroyed.” The book shares inspirations from the Bible on how people can stay strong in times of adversities in any areas of their life.

Divine Kpe in 2015 launched his first book, “Banish The Enemy Within: Self-Sabotage”. He is also a co-author of, “[email protected]: Ghana In 60”. To order for any of these books, you can go to “Store” to do so.


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