Current Date:September 30, 2020

Mobile phones should be legalized in SHS – Educationist

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Educationist, Mr. Divine Kpe has called for the lifting on the ban on the usage of mobile phones in Senior High Schools.

In his view, the lifting of the ban on mobile phones in senior high schools is long overdue.

Speaking on Radio Univers’ Campus Exclusive show, Mr. Kpe explained that students could be educated on how to positively use technology to advance their knowledge.

He further maintained that measures could be put in place to monitor students in the usage of mobile phones in school.

“Why don’t we in the school teach them how positively they can use the mobile device to advance or enhance their knowledge… some websites can be regulated on campus, in that, students may not have access to them”.


The usage of mobile phones in second cycle institutions continue to unacceptable despite several calls for the ban to be lifted.

Meanwhile, the Heads of Second Cycle Schools strongly disagree with the proposal for the use of mobile phones by senior high school students.

According to them, mobile phones are a great distraction to students and will inhibit their studies.

The National Secretary of CHASS, Mr. Samuel Gyebi Yeboah, told a local newspaper, “As for the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS), we still stand by it that students should not be allowed to use mobile phones and we will enforce the GES regulation against the use of mobile phones by students”.

By: Millicent Hesse-Odoi/universnewsroom


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