Current Date:September 30, 2020

Educationist bemoans little interest in studying of French Language

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Educationist, Mr. Divine Kpe has lamented over the seemingly loss of interest in the study of the French language in educational institutions throughout the country.

In his view, the situation can be attributed to the limited number of French teachers in the country.

Mr. Divine Kpe explained that the situation could be different if there are more tertiary institutions in the country teaching the French Language and churning out more French teachers.

If there are more tertiary institutions in the country who train in French tutoring, it will help increase in the labor force in the language upskill because when there are enough French teachers in schools who teach and speak French fluently it will inspire students who see their teachers communication in the language” he said

He thus called for support for institutions who are training French tutors.

He appealed for these institutions to be enhanced to a good standard to attract people who want to study the language.

“The teacher training colleges who train French tutors should be well equipped to attract people who want to study the language” he said

Speaking to UniversNewsMr. Kpe expressed expressed optimism in the country widely accepting the study of the language as it will help mutual relationship between Ghanaians and French speaking nations.

“As an anglophone country, when we learn to speak French it shows appreciation to the French culture as language is said to be part of culture and creates some kind of relationship among us” he said

Education Minister makes case for promoting French language

Minister of Education, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, has said there is the need to promote the French Language across the country.

He said a study conducted by the Foundation for International Development Study and Research revealed that if countries share a common language it boosts their international trade by about 30 per cent.

He said this was because the common language factor makes it easier for businesses to move across borders.

Dr Opoku Prempeh said this in a speech read on his behalf at the launch of French E-Learning Platform (FeLP), initiated by Espace Francophone Ghana in partnership with Crystal Galaxy College and Metlite.

Story by: Mohammed Yakub with additional information from GNA


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