Current Date:September 30, 2020

Strong advocacy against gender inequality will reduce violence against women – Educationist

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Educationist, Mr. Divine Kpe has said that the rate of violence against women can be reduced should the advocacy against gender inequality be championed.

Mr. Kpe who has been appointed as an ambassador for the “TEACH SDG” campaign explained that it was the fifth goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure equality in society irrespective of ones gender.

He further explained that this problem was as a result of inferiority on the part of women due to socialization.

“We should be mindful of how we create our environment whereby the men will not feel more superior over their female counterpart. It is a society we want to achieve that everybody is equal irrespective of our diversity”

Mr. Divine Kpe further noted that, the United Nations (UN) needs to effectively educate and create public awareness for them to be able to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Speaking on Campus Exclusive this morning, he maintained that the more the UN makes the public aware of it missions and goals, it will encourage many to get involved in it activities.

He used the opportunity to elaborate the relevance of the sustainable development goals and called on stakeholders and individuals to channel their effort in order to aid the UN achieve it desired goals.

Story by: Reward Feehi Kpokli/


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