Current Date:September 30, 2020

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New Curriculum Will Equip Learners to be Global Citizens – Divine Kpe


As part of the sweeping reforms going on in the education sector, the Government has introduced a new curriculum to replace the current one from KG1 to Primary Six.

Speaking on Uniiq FM morning show on the relevance of the new curriculum, Mr. Divine Kpe indicated that one importance of the new curriculum is its structure toward equipping the learners to be global citizens. According to him, most of the strands of the various curriculum are designed to ensure students have an understanding of issues beyond their immediate environment and country to the global level.

“When you take the Our World Our People and Creative Arts, for instance, they have strands that when the teachers better handle them, they would empower the learners to engage and assume active roles locally, nationally and globally,” he said.

According to him, almost all the curricula have embedded in them the concept of Global Citizenship Education, and it is essential for the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment to broaden the teachers’ knowledge on the subject of Global Citizenship Education so that the achievement of that objective of the curriculum is not lost during teaching and learning.

“By that, their (teachers) teaching should seek to equip the learners to face and resolve global challenges and as well become proactive contributors to a peaceful, inclusive, and a just world starting from their community and nation,” he added.


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