Current Date:September 30, 2020

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New GES promotion format : Aptitude test is better than interviews – Educationist


Educationist, Divine Kpe has described as welcoming the aptitude test initiative by GES as a means of promoting teachers as better than the interview system t currently being used.

“The new structure that the GES has introduced, I believe it is very welcomed. Looking at aptitude versus interview , there are papers that have shown that aptitude test  is the best”

According to him, it eliminates the stress that comes with the human factor involved adding that comparatively, the aptitude test has more prons over the interview when it comes to looking for characteristics an employee must possess.

Aptitude test is most preferable to interview when it comes to promoting an individual to the next rank. When you look at interviews, there are personal beliefs,opinions and appearance and financial influences that can affect the performance of the interviewee at the end of the day”.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) announced that teachers in the country will now undergo an aptitude test before they get promoted.

The move is to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the promotion process.

Mr. Kpe added that the aptitude test initiative also contributes to the reduction of the cost involved in getting a panel to interview the select group of teachers due promotion.

He recommended that although the aptitude test initiative is a positive one, the system should be hybridized explaining that, for some higher ranks, both the interviewing system and the aptitude system should be adopted.

“When you look at the GES communique,there is one particular rank that we have the hybrid. That’s when the assistant director is going for the headteacher position, he would have to write the aptitude test and go for the interview as well. I believe that the hybrid for the headteacher rank is not enough. There are two other ranks I believe positively they can add the hybrid system; the assistant director and the PS positions”

Meanwhile,  The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) says it is in full support of the new directive by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to make teachers go through an aptitude test before they are promoted.

By: Afriyie Animah | universnewsroom


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