Current Date:September 30, 2020

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Divine Kpe Wins At 2018 Bayport Teacher Innovation Competition Award


At the 2018 Bayport Teacher Innovation Competition Awards, Mr. Divine Kpe emerged as one of the Top 10 Winners for his innovative teaching idea that promotes critical thinking skills among students. The competition which received over 250 entries from teachers across the country saw 24 of the applicants shortlisted for the competition.

After a day coaching of what was expected of them, the competitors pitched their innovative teaching ideas to a three-member panel of which ten of the outstanding ideas were selected for awarding.

Divine’s idea centered on students using an approach to generate ideas on a given problem and come out with possible solutions to the problem. The approach ensures learners come out with the root cause of a problem and address the problem at that level other than solving it at the surface.

The Top 10 Winners received cash prize each and will also receive advice and coaching from the financial institution to scale up their ideas by training other teachers.


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