Current Date:September 30, 2020

Let ‘fearful’ double-track students know what their exams will be about – Educationist

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Following reports that some students under the double-track system are fearful ahead of their respective end of semester examinations, Educationist, Mr. Divine Kpe has called on teachers to educate their students on what will entail in their exams.

Mr. Kpe explained that if students are made aware that the exam will only be centered on the topics that have been treated thus far, then there will be calm amongst them

“Assessment should be done based on the strengths and weaknesses of the students to know what exactly they have been able to learn within that period…but when they are thinking that the assessment will be beyond what they have done, then, this anxiety will be there” he noted.

Mr. Kpe further suggested that the assessment of student can be based on projects and research work that will cause them to do extensive learning beyond the classroom.

In his view, this would go long way to get the students study their books whilst on vacation instead on engaging actively on social media.

“We have to even let the secondary schools use the technology well. Not that you will be at home and be on social media, they should do research work and submit weekly” he suggested.

He said that if teachers adopt these innovative measures it will enhance the double track system and make it productive.

Story by: Jocelyn Kugblenu/


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