Current Date:September 30, 2020

Developing students’ problem solving skills can make them entrepreneurial

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In the wake of growing concerns about how the Ghanaian education system is not responsive to addressing the unemployment problent problem in the country, Mr. Divine Kpe believes developing learners’ problem solving skills can help produce more citizens with the entrepreneurial spirit. According to him, entrepreneurship is about problem solving – “the ability to identify a problem, offer a solution and be able to monetize that solution,” hence when students are taught in a way that develops their problem solving skills, it can help in building their entrepreneurial skills.

Speaking on Cine Plus’ program; The Entrepreneur, Mr. Kpe noted that it is important for teachers to consciously open their students’ mind to problems around them in their communities, country and the world at large and showcase to them the innovative approaches people are taking to solving them of which they are building businesses out of.

“The subject of equipping students with entrepreneurial skills is needed now more than ever for the fact that the world is at the early stage of the 4th Industrial Revolution which will see a lot of works automated. It tells you that if we continue on the current trajectory of churning out a lot of students who have to depend on “white colour jobs” to be employed, they will eventually have to compete with machines for those jobs one  day. And just imagine, we don’t have enough jobs in this country and the little we have too, machines will be taking over. Clearly, it show we need to rethink how we train the students. It should be more of them leading solutions that create employment,” he noted.

He also added that, for the school to help develop entrepreneurial spirit  in the students, teachers must focus more on project or problem based learning where students work on assigned projects or look for problems and work on solving them as school projects.


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