Current Date:September 30, 2020

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Towards Preventing School Violence: The Safe School Project


Majority of Ghanaian students across all the levels of education experience different forms of violence (sexual, physical, and psychological violence) each day in school. The subject of school violence (SV), however, has been a muted one that has had and continues to have negative implications on students’ academic achievement and health and well-being.

At the basic school level, victims of regular SV turn to have less sense of belonging at school and are 3x more likely to skip school often or even end their education. At all levels of education, SV affects students’ academic performance, impacts their health (primarily mental health). Moreso, students’ risk behavior such as substance abuse, early sexual intercourse, and alcohol use increase as a result of SV. Generally, SV contributes to an inter-generational cycle of violence since the victims are more likely to be perpetrators of violence later in life.

This calls for urgent intervention to ensure our schools are safer and healthier. As such, in the next year, Mr. Divine Kpe will be leading the Safe School Project in collaboration with some individuals and organizations/institutions toward curbing school violence (using multi-approaches).

You can find details about the project at Safe School Project.

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